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It’s time to rise above indifferent life and focus on your time and energy where they make the most difference in your life.

If you want to succeed in your life, in your terms, without compromising your life quality, health and relationships, you don't want to miss our experts advice!

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What You'll Learn

Focus your time and energy on the aims and actions so that you don't regret how you're spending them

Listen to your highest priorities and needs and say NO to what is not in line with your vision and ideal lifestyle

Discover your blind spots and what needs your attention now to improve your quality of life and relationships

Cut the fluff and achieve your meaningful goals faster saving your nerves and efforts so that you can fully enjoy life!


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Anthony Trucks

Shift Your Dark Work to Success

Dr Kien Vuu

The 5 Secrets to Longevity

Noi Ha Nguyen

Follow Your Calling

Rob Dube

Direct Your Time Purposefully

Craig Siegel

Upgrade Your Mindset

Blaine Bartlett

Success without Control

John Spence

Generate Your Desired Successes

Justin Roethlingshoefer

Own Your Holistic Wellbeing

Rhett Power

Power Your Accountability

Eiji Morisita

Activate Your Superpower

Robert Althuis

Find Your Path to Prosperity

Stuart Doughty

Make Your Belief The Reality

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10+ Global Experts, 10+ Strategies, 10+ Extra Resources


Experts Share How to Save Years of Struggle to Achieve Your Desired Lifestyle, Success and Life Quality Faster

Do you want to learn how to succeed and enjoy your life with less time, stress and effort?

What People said about The Previous Events

"I was so inspired by the summit and how Kaisa made this possible! I think she did a great job putting this together and finding so many interesting speakers! I liked the idea of going big and global to get as many stories as possible!"

"Thank you for a valuable workshop. It provided a strategy how to prioritize and achieve your goals. My favourite takeaway was the very useful and practical Life satisfaction and priorities wheel. 10/10 experience!"

"Exceeded my expectations: I was inspired and I became more certain that I will reach my targets. As a coach Kaisa was positive and easy to approach."

Meet Your Host

Kaisa Siipilehto

Kaisa is a life mastery coach and founder of LIVIO JOY. She believes our purpose is to enjoy life. But why isn't it that easy?

Kaisa knows what it is like to live small, a mediocre life. She was so focused on building a secure lifestyle and corporate career in Helsinki, Finland that she wasn't living the life she was meant for. Lack of identity and vision was stopping her. She let fear and others to dictate how to spent her time and skills.


It was time for change. Kaisa left the wrong career path and relationship behind and started exploring what brought her joy. But my indecisiveness was still holding her back. When Kaisa was about to lose the man I love, she decided to take control of her life and happiness - break free of her fears and built the courage to follow her priorities.


So, Kaisa left her home country, studied a new profession and started a coaching business on her purpose. Now Kaisa has the freedom she values even more than safety and a meaningful way to help others succeed while exploring the world with her husband. This is what high life quality looks like to her.


And Kaisa wants to help more leaders and entrepreneurs like yourself to focus on their vision and priorities to achieve what's meaningful for them!

You are here because you know you are meant to experience, create and succeed more in your life. Let's unleash it!

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Disclaimer: Results mentioned in our materials and interviews are not typical and are the result of experience, experimenting, and learning. The results are used as examples to give you an idea what can be possible for you. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors. Me, Kaisa Siipilehto, and our guest speakers are here to help you because we want to see you enjoy and succeed in your life.

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